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Puyallup Custom Frame and Art Blog imageFrom unusual painting or etchings, to antique artwork, memorabilia and newspaper clippings, the Puyallup Custom Frame and Art Blog is published on a regular basis to showcase the wonderful, wild and sometimes wacky art that we come across here at Puyallup Custom Frame and Art.  Not only do we love it all, but we cherish it, just like you do.  This blog is our forum to discuss all of these wonderful treasures and share with you our mission, thoughts and desire to make all of the projects we complete works of art on their own.  We love and cherish your art and want to make it shine!  Come on down to our shop and let us create a special frame for your masterpiece.  You never know, maybe your art will become our next featured blog post!


The Importance Of Conservation Framing

Why is conservation framing important? Any item, whether it is artwork or not, is subject to external factors. Other than dust, items also accumulate moisture. This can rust metal and deteriorate organic products; such as clothing, paper, and works of wood just to name a...

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99% finished – having a soft opening 7-4

I cant begin to tell you all how blessed I have been to renovate this gallery with my son Zen. We are PCFAA and take your interaction with art seriously. Come by for wine and cheese on Tuesday and become fast friends with my team...

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Samples of the custom work we do will be incorporated into gallery works to show case the creative talents of our team of experts. As the makeover progresses we will redesign the gallery to emphasize services and options for our customers to reference while we...

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Getting a “Makeover”

The PCFAA gallery is going through a major remodel and rebrand. The showroom is being made over with eco friendly Bamboo flooring, fresh paint and new display fixtures. We'll be under construction through August but the frame shop is still open. Come by and check...

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