Preserve Your Artwork and Memorabilia Here at PCFAA

Preserve Your Artwork and Memorabilia Here at PCFAA


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Marraige LicenceHere at Puyallup Custom Frame and Art we’ve been really busy keeping up with the many picture framing  jobs we’ve got in order to preserve works of art and history . Everyday is a new experience and everything we frame is a new story. Take, for an example a marriage license we had framed not too long ago for a customer. He asked us to frame the marriage license of his parents, dated 1945. We came back with an incredible design to highlight this moment in his family history, which included a photograph. There was also an included snippet of the studio that took the photograph. It was a wonderful experience to be able to preserve such a great piece of someone’s history. Here is a picture of what this looked liked after it was finished.

We thoroughly enjoy helping our customers preserve the treasured possessions. Everyone’s got something lying around in a storage space or under the bed, that is collecting dust and degradation. Why not bring it on down and let us frame it by conservation standards and preserve it for generations to come. We also have an eloquent gallery space and a very friendly atmosphere for anyone walking around in downtown Puyallup. So, stop on in even if it’s to say hello and look around. We have a tremendous collection of different works of art, all preserved by our own picture framing. We also have quite a few local artists, featuring their beautiful works. We have a huge selection of samples for you to browse to your hearts content, until you find the perfect match for anything you want framed. We also have talented designers that can help put together a frame, that will really make what you preserve pop right out and grab attention.


Here you can see just a very small sample of what we’ve done. Some of these were recent, some not, all have been within the last couple months. But, this should give the reader a good idea of the different thing that can be done with picture framing.